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Active Map Components for GIS 1.0 03/01/11 Trial version English

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ActiveMap are 20 components. Include projection alghoritms: UTM, Lambert conformal conic, ALbers equal area, Airy, Tranverse mercator, etc. Print to Scale and print preview.

Implemented also mosaic printing. Unlimited number of layers. 60 line styles. 90 fill styles. Georeferenced images. Editing features: Undo, Cut, Copy, paste, move, rotate, scale, node editing (reshape), guidelines, configurable grid, offset, trim, extend, break, fillet, union, polygon clipping, show line direction, etc.

Snap modes: end point, mid point, center, intersect, perpend Entities handled: Line, polyline, arrow polyline, polygon, rectangle, arc, ellipse, spline, multiline text, symbols, images, auto-labels, etc.

Aerial view. Named views. Clip Boundary (like AutoDesk World) lets you work with sections of the map only. SQL selection. By using sql statements you can do correlations between different layers.

Symbol Editor. You draw here the symbols used on the map. Layout Editor. You can print several maps on same page. Also you can print simultaneously: Maps, statistic charts, text, lines, rectangles, images, etc.

Imports: ArcView shape files, MapInfo MIF/MID files, AutoCad DXF 12,13,14. Optionally can import from AutoCAD DWG/DXF/BDXF files from release 2.

5 to 14 with an extension. Zoom features: Dynamic pan, real time zoom, zoom window, zoom extension, zoom previous (user defined the number of saved views), zoom in, zoom out, etc.

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